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Having a robust and world class parks system is indispensable. Many of the surrounding cities in the region have made significant investments in their parks system which attract people from outside their cities.  Sandy Springs should keep pace by making the right investments in expanding its own recreation offerings and park system.  Linda will support investment expanding the Sandy Springs parks and trails system throughout the city.

Expanding Recreation and Parks

One of Linda’s top priorities is ensuring Sandy Springs residents and businesses can live and work in an environment that is safe. Linda believes the foundation of good public safety starts by forging lasting relationships through building trust and involving the community. Linda will also ensure Sandy Springs first responders have all the tools they need to do their jobs without a tax increase.

A Safe Sandy Springs

Development That Makes Sense

Linda believes a balanced approach towards development is essential for the future of Sandy Springs. When elected, you can count on Linda to support plans that call for balanced growth. Sandy Springs has been successful in recruiting some of the top employers in the country, and new businesses large and small are drawn to the city. Linda believes it’s imperative we have diverse price points in housing choices available so many of these workers can live and commute locally to these new job centers.

Sandy Springs schools are part of Fulton County Schools, which boasts some of the highest graduation rates and one of the lowest tax rates in the state. With the size and scope of the school system, Linda believes it’s important for the next councilperson in District 2 to have a positive and proactive relationship with the school board and administration to create opportunities for all students when they graduate. Linda is also a proponent of the ESPLOST renewal on the ballot, which will fund investments in the schools, including the replacement of aging North Springs High School, and help keep our school property taxes net neutral. Linda was part of a citizen/parent group whose efforts convinced Fulton County Schools to replace North Springs to create parity with other Fulton County high schools.

Partnering With Our Schools



Linda has been a resident of Sandy Springs for almost three decades. She and her husband, Allen, have three children, all of whom attended or currently attend Fulton County Schools. She has been active in the school system as a parent and in citizen groups advocating for reinvestments in local schools, including the replacement of the aging North Springs High School. Professionally, Linda is an attorney working for a large company for 19 years, specializing in a variety of business issues, including privacy and security.


"I'd like to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions for how Sandy Springs can improve and what is done well. I would also appreciate any support you can provide for my campaign such as a sign in your yard, hosting neighbors or friends to meet with me, or other support.”

~ Linda Trickey

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